Trusted by market leaders

We cooperate with demanding clients who are leaders in their industries. Professional advice, knowledge and many years of experience in the field of injection production make us a stable, safe partner in long-term cooperation.

Modern machinery

We have modern injection molding machines with innovative technological solutions. Almost all of our production is based on solutions no older than 4 years. Stability and speed of production are additionally supported by the use of robots and automation.

Comprehensive project implementation

We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the project. Step by step, we help you obtain a product that meets all the expectations of our customers. We rely on proven and fully automated technologies, thanks to which we are able to ensure quick and reliable execution of each order.

The plastic injection molding production

There is only a few companies which can be proud of their reliability at injection molding production area. We are one of them for sure! In our machine plant we can find the most innovated machines which clamping force is from 55 to 850 tons. The high range of them makes the most complicated project a piece of cake. The IT production control and our well-trained stuff only make it easier.

Modern machines and top experts

New injection machines with clamping force from 55 to 850 ton

A team of top-class experts in the plastic processing industry

Design, part marking and assembly

Why RT-Plast company?

RT-Plast company pay attention for even tiniest detail of our products. Production of plastic elements is always under control of our best analytics who take care of it- from the beginning to the end. The latest technologies of our injection molding machines make it easier. The clamping force of our machines is from 55 to 850 tons, what make us flexible to customers needs.

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