Trusted by market leaders

We cooperate with demanding clients who are leaders in their industries. Professional advice, knowledge and many years of experience in the field of injection production make us a stable, safe partner in long-term cooperation.

Modern machinery

We have modern injection molding machines with innovative technological solutions. Almost all of our production is based on solutions no older than 4 years. Stability and speed of production are additionally supported by the use of robots and automation.

Comprehensive project implementation

We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the project. Step by step, we help you obtain a product that meets all the expectations of our customers. We rely on proven and fully automated technologies, thanks to which we are able to ensure quick and reliable execution of each order.

RT-PLAST Machines

We have a modern machine park, which is growing rapidly – in the last 4 years we have purchased 10 new machines with advanced technological solutions (e.g. servo motor; full-electric machines). We currently have 13 injection molding machines with clamping force from 55 to 850 tons. An additional advantage of our machinesis the equipment of innovative axial robots and pickers – this allows us to provide stable and fast production cycle. The RT-PLAST company has also modern padding machines used for products marking.

NoMachine typeMachine type (hydraulic/electric)Clamping force (kN) Robot / pickerTie bar distance (mm)Min / max mold height (mm)Injection volume (cm3)Screw diameter (mm)
1Tederic DE55/E110Helectric550yes360 x 320150 / 3805225
2Tederic D100/i380hydraulic1000yes360 x 360150 / 38019838
3Toyo Si-130-6/F200Delectric1274yes510 x 510150 / 55026646
4Tederic DE180/E500Helectric1800yes580 x 530220 / 56024942
5Tederic D200/i850hydraulic2000yes530 x 530220 / 56044250
6Tederic D250/i1100hydraulic2500yes580 x 580250 / 60060155
7Tederic D350/i1900hydraulic3500yes680 x 680280 / 70070065
8Tederic D400/i2500hydraulic4000yes730 x 730280 / 750134770
9Tederic D450/i3200hydraulic4500yes780 x 780300 / 780174175
10Tederic D500/i3800hydraulic5000yes820 x 820320 / 800203180
11Tederic DH680/i480hydraulic6800yes1100 x 960450 / 1100253185
12Tederic DH850/i7500hydraulic8500yes1080 x 1080500 / 11004045100
13Tederic NEO.H850/i7500hydraulic8500yes1080 x 1080500 / 11004045100

Plastic materials and articles is the main point in our branch- we absolutely tame this element. Our company provide only high quality products which are compatible with customer needs. Materials which are used in production guarantee appropriate ductility during production and durability just after that. However, the secret is hidden in our machine park and all innovative machines we are using, containing 3D printer and pad printing machines. Whole process would not be possible without appropriate advanced software.

Our machinery plant include over a dozen injection molding machines with various specifications. The machines differ in clamping force and possibility of installing different mold size. We use hydraulic and electric injection molding machines. The injection molding machines are equipped with pickers and 3-axis robots. It ensure stable and quick production cycle. The diversification of machines ensure the best quality of even the most complicated and different molds and the most important thing- customer satisfaction.

Experienced team

The asset of our company is also the best qualified personnel. Our experts know how this branch works form many years and how demanding is the plastic processing machinery. The multistage production process is under control of our engineers throughout the whole time. To achieve our goal we are not using half measures or makeshift solutions. Customer service is our main goal.

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